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Welcome to a blog dedicated to our heroes in a half shell. Headcanons, confessions, pictures, fanfics, episode reviews, opinions, we take it all. New posts every day at 5PM (CST). I do not take credit for anything posted unless stated otherwise. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said: I was watching the new trailer for the tmnt movie and I noticed that there was a full moon in one of the shots



Anonymous said: Do u have alot of followers? Is it scary running a popular TMNT blog?

I currently have 3,312 followers. I’d say that’s a lot. 
That more then I ever imagined having, honestly.

I mean, I guess scary isn’t the best word to describe it. I do get worried sometimes that I’m not doing a good job running this. I’ll be the first to admit, I know there are better TMNT blogs out there.
My hope for this blog is that, if someone were to ask any of you “what’s a good TMNT blog to follow?” you guys would recommend mine, not because I think I’m good or anything, but because you guys consider me as so. I do my best in answering all of your questions to the best of my abilities, even if that means referencing another TMNT blog. I like to think I know a lot about so many of the branches of this franchise, and if I don’t know something, I do my best to research it and get it out to you guys as best as I can. I try to keep you guys updated with things going on in the fandom, and offer different ways to look at each aspect. Mostly I try to get you guys to see things in positive ways rather than negative. Especially the upcoming movie.
But aside from me posting, I also want this to be a blog where you guys can share opinions and respond to each other as well. 
And on top of all of that, I want this to be a blog TMNT fans enjoy. Both new and old. That is my goal, and trying to reach that goal is the “scariest” thing.

Whether you guys like me or not, I love all of you, and thanks for making all of this possible. =]

hazukihare01 said: Hey Karely I was wondering do you know of any good fanfictions of raph and an oc? Thx!

I really recommend that you guys take all the Fanfiction questions over to turtleficlibrary. That’s kind of the specialty of that blog.

Plus, I never really read any that I was totally in love with so…Raph and OC is a tricky catagory. 

Anonymous said: why do you like the relationship of leo-april?

I love how chill it is! April has qualities that all of the turtles have, and what she shares with Leo is a chilled personality. That makes it easy for them to understand and respect each other.
It’s exactly why he went to her for advice when he first met Karai. It wasn’t so much fear of the judgement from his brothers as it was his knowing that she would understand better than they would and actually try to offer him advice.
And she’s like a little sister to him, he’s very protective of her just like of all his brothers.

Totally a fan of the Leo - April friendship. =]

deathdragon9000 said: Did you hear that the new Ninja Turtles movie is going to be rated PG-13? For me, personally, I love this because that means that they won't dumb it down for younger viewers. What do you think?

I’m super excited about that. Higher rating means darker events, more intense plot and dialogue. 
And you guys know me: I love dark and intense plots. It’s the reason episodes like Fungous Humungous and Slash and Destroy are some of my favorites, and it’s the reason why stories like Mirage #10 leave such an impression on me.

That’s generally why I favored 2003 and the Mirage comics better. They got dark. They got raw. They got emotional.
So that’s what I’m expecting from this upcoming movie. We’re never seen a PG-13 TMNT movie before. I’m expecting to feel feels.

Anonymous said: Did you know that in the latest episode of Kids React, they reacted to the 87 TMNT intro?

Yes and it’s my favorite video on the internet at the moment! Hahahahaaaa!

"Of course they’re green. They’re turtles." - sassy little girl who dances at some later point.
"Is this like the new one, or something?" - very confused girl.
"The blue one is the best. I love ninja turtles." - my favorite kid on the whole video, because he totally jams, but is wrong in saying that he is Leonardo’s biggest fan because that’s definitely me and yes I will argue that with a six year old child.

It’s so funny, they’re all so confused. Hahahaa.
Watch Kids React to Retro TV: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) here!

riuke-z said: Okay so we have clear that you don't accept tcest. And I want to ask: then would you accept just yaoi? I'm not saying I want to send you any, I'm just being hipotetical here, like, would you talk about, I dunno, RaphxCasey? Or the recently popular one, SlashxRaph? Just to name a few. I'm just curious!

I don’t look down on that type of stuff, but I don’t put things like that on my blog.
It’s not that I have problems with the people who do like it. Some of the art is amazing for sure. I just don’t do relationships on this franchise. Especially not turtle-human. It creeps me out, honestly, and I don’t wanna see it. It’s just not my muse, sorry to offend anybody. Hahaa.

Plus…in my mind, it’s kinda not fair to the Tcest people if I were to post that type of stuff.

Anonymous said: I have a friend who doesn't watch TMNT but likes to hear me talk about it and I tried to explain Apriltello to him but he got confused and said he would ship Shredatello and neither of us have stopped laughing (this was like in February) -Jordan

………That is glorious. Oh my God. 

Anonymous said: Was there an episode today? Or do you know when the next one will be premiering?

No word on any new episodes yet! When I know I’ll post something! 

This week we’ll see the SDCC 2014 turtle panel, though. I’m sure they’ll have lots of season three info and details about our final four remaining episodes of the season. 

Anonymous said: Hey Karley! I read that the TMNT movie is coming out in - I think two weeks from now. Where I live (Europe) this movie is coming out in october! I don't know if you're going to review it, but if you do could you say first whether you liked it or not before you include any spoilers? You can spoil the whole movie, but could you say first whether you liked or hated it? Because I'm sure that if you liked it I will like the movie too. Simply because I agree with what you said so far about the turtles

Absolutely! I planned on it.

You guys have seen my reviews: I love to get incredibly detailed and point out the little things I love and hate. I can’t really do that unless I have to video right in front of me, and I probably can’t bring my laptop into the theater without looking weird, hahaaa.
Plus, a 30 minute episode takes me at least two hours to review…a two hour movie? I can’t even imagine.

I was planning to do a review of sorts. What I mean by that is, after a week, I’m gonna write a review not like what I usually do. I’ll point out the scenes of the movie that really stuck out to me. I’ll say what I liked and what I didn’t like, etc. etc. 
Basically, I’ll point out what left an impression on me. I’ll talk about what made the movie good and what made the movie bad. I’ll be talking on both sides. =]

Anonymous said: I have this feeling that Irma will meet the turtles on the next episodes. I can feel it!

Maybe! We’ll see, but with so little time left in the season, it might not happen as well! 
I hope she meets them soon, but if it’s gets pushed back, I can wait at the same time.

You guys know what I want more than anything is Mirage #10, and that I’m slowly going insane waiting for it. Hahaaa.

Confession/Interesting Thingy

: So, I heard you’re taking confessions.

I feel as though Master Splinter’s little cracks of wisdom have helped me a lot in my everyday life - especially the whole ‘river over stone’ thing, I’m quite hot-tempered (like my dad) but I feel as though Iv’e been much calmer and more considerate since I saw that scene in the show. I make an active effort to be nice to people and understand others’ point of view.

Thanks, Master Splinter :3

Also, has anyone else noticed this? On Leo’s skateboard, there is a sticker which looks suspiciously like Karai. It’s probably not her, but I thought I’d share since that what I saw XD

(Sticker is on bottom-right corner)

I always take whatever you guys send to me! I just don’t take Tcest. =P

And that’s definitely a thing I love most about this new Splinter: his advice is totally applicable to everyday life and issues. He knows that his sons are teenagers and gives them proper advice based on what he knows they’ll understand. 

Also, it’s not Karai. That was before Karai was introduced to this series…but you’re right; it does look like her! =]