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Welcome to a blog dedicated to our heroes in a half shell. Headcanons, confessions, pictures, fanfics, episode reviews, opinions, we take it all. I do not take credit for anything posted unless stated otherwise. Enjoy.

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Anonymous asked: Karley stop being perfect oh my gosh the perfection is real

Lol, oh my God, I am FAR from perfect! But thank you so much!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet these past few days, guys! I’ve been hiking and enjoying my Spring break! I’ll be back soon and ready to post a lot, including fanfiction stories! =]

Anonymous asked: I just wanna dear you a happy and late easter haha. Sorry, I'm from Mexico and here we don't celebrate the Easter...o that's what I think so XD. Anyway I hope you have passed great ;)

I had a fantastic Easter and now I’m on a lovely vacation for my Spring break. I’m getting my nature fix in beautiful Highlands, North Carolina! 
Not that you care, but I hiked up a mountain today, and I got to watch a beautiful sunset! I hope all of you guys are having/have had a great Spring break and Easter as well!

tmntturtlefan asked: Happy Easter Karley!! Hope you have a good day.

I love it when you guys use my name, hahaaa. It makes me feel closer to my followers, and I love you all so much! You guys are the best!

Thank you! I hope you’ve all had an amazing Easter as well! 

ninja-squirtles asked: Happy Easter! Have a great day! You deserve it... Keep writing, blogging and being awesome! :)

Thank you so much! A very happy Easter to all of my AMAZING followers and my fellow shellhead family! =D <3

asksunset-tide asked: What tmnt comics are there? and do you know if some can be read online?

Comic wise, there were:
- The original Mirage comics, which was the very beginning of TMNT! =D
- The Image comics, which were out in like the 90’s, and I’ve never actually read those so I can’t tell you much about them.
- The Archie comics, which were kind of focused on the 1987 series, but not exactly the same. (Those are cool, I recommend them, but I haven’t read ALL of them.)
- There were a couple of misc. publishers who printed some TMNT comics in various places as well.
- The IDW comics, which is the current on-going comic series, and also includes The New Animated Adventures, which are based on the 2012 series.

I could be missing some, there’s always something I don’t know about. =P

This is one of my favorite TMNT blogs. It’s a guy who reads, summarizes, and reviews TMNT comics and posts about them. Awesome blog to follow, though it’s not actually a tumblr.

As far as reading online goes…I don’t do that, so I couldn’t tell you where to go. I’ll tag this post so people who know where to go can reply with links or send me some, and I’ll get them to you. =]

Anonymous asked: helloo! ok, this is a very stupid question, but I have to make haha. In what version of TMNT my raphie have golden eyes? I see pictures or fanficts where his eyes are golden and I think it was the 2003 version. But there don't have eyes of color right?? I'm confused :s

There’s no such thing as a stupid question! Don’t feel bad! =]

I don’t remember Raph having golden eyes in 2003…maybe in the 2007 movie…but he does for sure in the IDW comics! Ross Campbell does an awesome job showcasing them in the Northampton arc, check them out! 

sleepingseeker asked: WRAAAAAH! YOUR STory, (okay I'll stop yelling, but it'd hard) ahem. Your story, Trust, is so GOOD! er good!! I've sat here getting pulled more and more into it and I'm on part 5 in the middle of it and had to take a moment to tell you that it's really very good. The little touches like Raph suddenly hating RED is just the twisting of the blade in my gut and I love u more for it! GAh! I'm sorry it took me so long to sit down and read this - you are a wonderful writer!!

Wow, thank you so much!
I definitely had a lot of fun writing that story, because I got to use a lot of my turtle tot headcanons in it, which was fun. =]

Now that I’m on Spring break (HOLLAAAAAAAAA), I’ll have some time to actually sit down and really work on the sequel. I’m going to North Carolina for a few days to work on my nature portfolio for my photography, so that’s a 10 hour drive Ill have my computer to sit and write! =D