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Anonymous said: In all this madness I started to think about Casey's family. He told April about his dad and his little sister. Can it be possible that the little girl from the tea party is Casey's sister? I remember in Slash and Destroy I just saw her with her dad, and Casey like sto go out outside at night. So can it be possible?

Anything is possible in this universe! If that’s the case, then I’m super exicted that we’ve seen Casey’s family! And I can’t wait for them to be reunited some episode in the future. 
Think about it this way: that is the only little girl we’ve seen in the 2012 universe so…maybe that is her. Hahahahaaaa.

blackriderstrikeshere said: //Do you ever wonder if the creators of TMNT 2012 make tumblr blogs under the impression of just regular fangirls and watch our reactions to every new episode and read everything we write about the episodes?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the creators sometimes search the internet for feedback on their episodes. I mean tumblr alone is a great source for fandom feedback, especially for the 2012 series. 
The official Nickelodeon tumblr follows All-Things-TMNT, so I like to think that everything I post from you guys and all the episode reviews I write are SOMEHOW getting through to them. (That’s why I post you guys’ questions rather than always just privately answer them. I’m hoping someone up high in the production is at least aware that it’s here.)

silverpearl4 said: The finale was awesome so was your review Karley! Well,I just wanted to ask: What did you thought about Raph ?((in this episode overall )) ~SP4

I needed more Raph in that finale, but wit the small bit I got, I was completely satisfied. 

Raph has a few amazing moments in this finale, here are my top three: 
     - The entire scene when Leo crashes into April’s apartment. Raph’s holding Leo’s head up right after he comes through the window, because it’s like he’s trying to process what’s happening. That his older brother in on the ground beneath him beaten horribly and possibly dying. And he’s just completely silent, looking so intently at Leo, like he’s begging the universe to make this stop. And then he carries Leo on his back all the way out of the apartment, down the street to the van. He’s so protective of Leo in those moments, because he knows if he can’t make this nightmare end, he’s going to make sure it doesn’t continue. He literally will not let anyone else touch his older brother. 
     - The moment in the beginning when he stands up for Donnie’s feelings to Casey. “It doesn’t matter…you know how Donnie feels about her.” That moment is so great, mainly because we always see Raph give Donnie such a hard time about his crush. So to see him completely standing up for Donnie on his own, no guilt prompting, and to his best friend…it’s so great. 
     - And finally…the moment when Raph’s world basically falls apart. The scene where he watches Shredder take Splinter down…and Raph completely loses his sanity. The Shredder took his older brother away, and now he took his father away. And something as simple as metal bars are trapping Raph, preventing him from doing absolutely anything about it. Raph feels utterly useless in those moments, he feels like he let his family down. And the only thing that can save him from himself in those moments is Mikey telling him everything was going to be okay. Raph needed his family, Raph needed his baby brother to remind him that somehow, their family would pull through this.

TMNT (2012) Masterpost

Season One: 

1. Rise of the Turtles, Part One
2. Rise of the Turtles, Part Two
3. Turtle Temper
4. New Friend, Old Enemy
5. I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman
6. Metalhead
7. Monkey Brains 
8. Never Say Xever
9. The Gauntlet
10. Panic in the Sewers
11. Mousers Attack!
12. It Came From the Depths
13. I, Monster
14. New Girl In Town
15. The Alien Agenda
16. The Pulverizer
17. TCRI
18. Cockroach Terminator 
19. Baxter’s Gambit
20. Enemy of My Enemy 
21. Karai’s Vendetta 
22. The Pulverizer Returns!
23. Parasitica 
24. Operation Break Out
25. Showdown, Part One
26. Showdown, Part Two

Season Two: 

1. The Mutation Situation
2. Follow the Leader
3. Invasion of the Squirrelanoids
4. Mutagen Man Unleashed
5. Mikey Gets Shellacne
6. Target: April O’Neil
7. Slash and Destroy
8. The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones
9. The Kraang Conspiracy
10. Fungous Humungous
11. Metalhead Rewired
12. Of Rats and Men
13. The Manhattan Project, Part One
14. The Manhattan Project, Part Two
15. Mazes and Mutants
16. The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
17. Newtralized!
18. Pizza Face
19. The Wrath of Tiger Claw
20. The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto
21. Plan 10
22. Vengeance is Mine
23. A Chinatown Ghost Story
24. Into Dimension X!
25. The Invasion, Part One
26. The Invasion, Part Two

Season Three: 

1. Within the Woods (October 3rd, 2014)
2. A Foot Too Big
3. Buried Secrets

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Anonymous said: LEATHERHEAD CAN'T BE DEAD... RIGHT?! *sobs*

I highly doubt he is. He fell in water, which is good for alligators. Hahaaa.
I’m sure he just needs to recover a bit, we’ll see him again. =]

Anonymous said: I think april and mikey become more awesome with each episode !! (The others are already) pd. I am the 0'000001% of the world population who expected about irma and, like you, i love it, i did not want to see irma with the turtles really, perhaps i am strange hahaa

I agree, I loved Mikey! And April was pretty good in this one too! 

I didn’t think anything was up with Irma until the Chinatown episode, but even with that, I still never expected that to be what was up with her! Totally crazy shock and it worked so well!

deathdragon9000 said: I really loved the mini April and Donnie moments in the finale (sorry. I'm an Apriltello shipper). Also at the end of the finale where April says that her family had a home they went to over the summer, was that a reference to the first TMNT live action movie where the turtles go to April's farm house after Raph has been injured by the foot?

It’s okay, a lot of people ship it!

Yes, but that in itself is a reference to the original story from the Mirage comics, Leonardo #1, Mirage #10 and Mirage #11. But the 1990 movie flipped it and made Raph the one to get injured. In the original story, it’s Leo. 
So technically, the tribute is to the original comics, not the 1990 movie. =]

naledi-the-mabeco said: //I'd like to point something out about your amazing-beyond-words review. Wasps aside, I think the first death of TMNT 2k12 was when the Newtralizer ATE a Kraang alive in the "Operation Breakout" episode...

True, but I never really consider that one too much. I meant a death that we actually see happen, with an actual body.

So, if that Kraang comes back at any point, I will be beyond angry and explode. Don’t take this away from me 2012. You have finally killed someone, don’t take it away…

ilovebeinganinjaturtle said: The finale Karley! The Finaleh!!! I can't get over it I just can't! I have an assignment to do and I can't because I'm unable to function well after what I saw! D'8


I know, I have three tests this week and I promise you I’m going to fail all of them because I’ll be too busy rewatching the finale and rewatching the Leonardo #1 / Mirage #10 parts. 

Anonymous said: I've found horrible the fact that the writers has turn Irma into a Kraangdroid!! I wish, REALLY WISH, that this wasn't the real Irma. That she has been kidnaped or something. I just don't like that her character has get broken!

I feel like I’m one of the only few people who were completely okay with this plot twist…it was totally brilliant and totally unexpected. 

Will I be okay if there’s a real Irma and she was kidnapped by the Kraang and she shows up at some point? Yeah, sure. But that turn just caught me so off guard and I loved it. 

Anonymous said: You know when Shredder told Splinter that he took Leo like he took his child all those years ago? Could that be foreshadowing for a possible Foot!Leo story arc, or is that just Shredder being a douchebag?

Either way, but I’m sure it was just Shredder being a douche. Hahaaa.

ninja-squirtles said: I'm glad you got your wish for Mirage #10, Karley! :) And at the same time I wish our entire fandom luck as we heal ourselves from this beautiful and intense episode that totally destroyed us! I am still so blown away by it that I can't do anything else but ponder on it.... I love tmnt.... Thank you writers. And thank you KARLEY for making me so excited to see it and making me see it's deeper meaning through your review... :)

It was more of Leonardo #1 than it was Mirage #10, and I’m completely blown away at how well they did it. Ciro paid so much attention to detail with the original comic. I bet when they were writing, they were looking at the panels of the comic and then writing them down on the script. The glass shattering this? So amazing, so unexpected, and SUCH AN AMAZING MOMENT IN THE TRIBUTE. 

Thank you for supporting my blog and reading my reviews! =D