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Happy Mutation Day, 2012!

On this day two years ago, the 2012 series premiered it’s very first episodes, Rise of the Turtles Parts One & Two on Nickelodeon! What a great two years it’s been and here’s to the next two! 
Happy Mutation Day, 2012! 

lrdm8668 said: I literally think I'm going insane because of this finale. It ended and I just curled up on the floor, and I read your review and opinions on different parts and just made these weird laugh/whimper noises. I think I just need to cry it all out because I didn't cry when I was watching it... I wanna sit in a big pile of TMNT fans and just sob

The season two finale topped the season one finale in every possible way. It was darker, more emotional, and just way better.
I especially love how there was no resolution in this one. In season one, we save the day and that’s all, we’re done! In this one, nope. We have a mess on our hands and we have to go back and clean it up but first we have to be ready. So awesome! 

lrdm8668 said: Congrats on 5000+!! *confetti*

Thanks girl! Now it’s 5,164! =D

bluecladleader said: [I was wondering if anytime in the future, you'd do reviews of the episodes from the 2k3 series (Seasons 1-5, of course)]

I couldn’t do the entire 2003 series. As much as I’d love to, I’d literally have no time, but I will be doing specific reviews for specific TMNT things once 2012 is over. 

blackshadow616 said: Hey, I don't have any cable, and I can't the season two finale of 2k12 on YouTube, do have any suggestions on where I could watch it?

Grab several boxes of tissues and click right here.

Anonymous said: I think april knew the wrath of raph, but she had never seen it and this was the first time raph physically assaulted her (if mikey hadn't caught her, she probably would have dropped or given very hard to the wall) perhaps april is now afraid of raph or see him with different eyes

It wasn’t that hard of a shove, Raph really just kinda pushed her out of the way. And April understands, it was a bad moment for all of them. She knows Raph and she knows how emotional Raph can be when bad things happen to those he cares about. So I doubt she holds any grudges. 

Anonymous said: I still think raph (or leo when he hears splinter is "dead") is going to be very angry with April and will say something like "if donnie not fallen in love, none of this would have happened" immediately repenting of what he has said

That’d be really emotional to see, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Raph won’t blame Donnie or April. He’ll blame himself. (If he could blame Leo he would, but he can’t right now. =P)

Anonymous said: I'm sorry to bother you if this has already been asked, but what do you think about the Imagine Comics? I know they aren't considered canonical by the Mirage Comics (and I'm glad of it: in my opinion they were too damn dark), but I'm curious what are your thoughts about it!

Being honest, I wasn’t too big a fan of those. I’m still not, there are much better TMNT comics out there.
I’m not saying I hate them, but I’d read all of the other TMNT comic branches over those. =[

lorriebm11 said: I feel like Raph's also got some major guilt going on with the "I almost punched Mikey, I almost went insane and probably would have killed everyone nearby and I'm supposed to protect them and I nearly hurt all of them and..." yeah. I mean that's way more blatant than he ever would put it and somewhat more drastic but still man.

I really hope they do this. Like I said here, I want them all to have to heal from the things that happened to them. That moment is something Raph should definitely walk away hurt from! 

: Batman Leo!

I thought you’d appreciate this one.

Hahahaaaa, someone had to do it.

samluvninjaturtles said: Hey Karley are you familiar with the character Bloodsucker in the tmnt comics? Wouldn't it be cool to have him in 2012? It would be neat to bring him in since they're already in the woods (but then again the air date compared to the time they made the ep. Is different lol) I his thought he was a cool character to bring x)

Yes! I love the Down the River arc, very good story from the Mirage days! 

I don’t think we’ll see Bloodsucker in this series, honestly. Donnie’s made it very clear that if one of the turtles is unmutated in someway (like if Mikey were to touch the retromutagen), they can’t just mutate back. And that’s kind of how that arc is resolved in Mirage: Raph gets his mutagen back and just goes back to normal.
But if 2012 wants to throw a few leech references in there, I’m all for it. Lol.

yoasia said: Hmm, why we didn't see Baxter Stockman in season 2 finale? Isn't he supposed to be with team Shredder?

He’s on team Shredder but I’m sure there was an off camera reason why he wasn’t there. Maybe he was working on something, maybe Shredder punished him for Karai’s mutation. 

He’s not gone forever if that’s what you’re worried about, we’ll see him again.